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Chrome Plating Specialists

A lot is said about chrome these days with different terms such as "show chrome" and "triple plating" widely used. This basically refers to the process which achieves the best possible finish and deepest shine. This is achieved by first, polishing the bare metal part, then copper plating which forms the base for the next two stages. Copper will help in the adhesion of nickel, create the deep lustre in the finished product and it is at copper stage we can polish out any minor imperfections. Once the copper is polished to a mirror finish, the nickel is applied. This forms a very durable and strong layer in preparation for the final layer, the chrome. Here at Bendigo Electroplating we strongly believe in copper plating to achieve the best possible result.

Depending on the condition of your parts, there may be need for repairs and or panel beating which we can also take care of.

We can chrome plate steel, brass, copper, and aluminium parts.

Your parts are as important to us as they are to you so for the care and attention they deserve, we are a trusted and dedicated choice for your restoration project.

Chrome plating is a labour intensive and lengthy process therefore large jobs can have a substantial waiting time. Therefore we ask that you bring your job in with the knowledge that the result will be worth the wait. Remember, Quality takes time.

Zinc Plating

Here at Bendigo Electroplating we also offer Zinc Plating which is an attractive, rust protective coating. The majority of under bonnet parts are zinc plated, hinges, bolts, springs, catches etc. Zinc plating brings these parts back to a factory finish.

The three available colour finishes are Blue (silver), Gold and Black depending on your desired look. Zinc plating provides a high level of corrosion resistance for a wide variety of parts from automotive, agricultural, industrial, in fact any steel part that needs rust proofing.

The process involves chemical removal of existing rust, bead blasting and alkaline cleaning to ensure each part is rust free and completely protected.

We can accomodate parts up to three metres in length.

We can also chemically remove old zinc, galvanising, anodising, chrome and paint.

Metal Polishing

The team at Bendigo Elecroplating also offers a metal polishing service. We are more than happy to polish stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper parts to a high lustre.

We use, recommend and sell the amazing California Custom product "Purple Polish" to clean, protect and enhance your finished job.


We now offer Hydroblasting as another metal finishing process. Using a state of the art Hydroblasting cabinet, the results on steel, and in particular alloy parts is second to none. This will restore a bright, "as new" finish to any old alloy parts, removing paint, grime and corrosion in one easy process without fear of damage to sensitive and rare parts. There is no heat or dust generated, no harsh chemicals involved and no risk of media impregnation. Check out the results and prepare to be impressed.  



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